Argo Finch Webcomic Characters


Broccoli sample guy Argo is always interested in helping others. His demeanor invites trouble as well as adventure.  Our male lead is a crêpe master, a budding work-in-progress when it comes to understanding girls, but open to improving himself.


Trudging her way through the world as an art gallerina, Natalie enjoys a cocktail and hanging out with her best friend, April May. If she were a cocktail, it would be poured with intelligence, mixed with serious drive, and shaken with a splash of fisticuffs.


Argo’s neighbor and best friend. Kirby’s not much for planning his day (or life). He’s most comfortable watching his favorite TV show, “The Lena Starr Show” in his favorite kimono and doing yoga.

Jonnie Jones

Free spirited and full of life, Jonnie’s a singer-songwriter who touches the heart of everyone she meets. Her presence often inspires song and dance. On-lookers tend to keep looking and listening.

April May

Natalie’s best friend and confidant, April May makes up for intelligence where she lacks judgment. Always up for adventure, she just can’t seem to get the relationship thing right.

More descriptions to come!